the type of touch screen

What are the 3 types of touch screen?

What are the 3 types of touch screen?

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At the smart intelligent ages, we see the touch screen lcd display everywhere. When we take a express delivery from the express cabinet, when we go for withdrawing money from a bank, when we register at a hotel, whatever anything, we need to handle it with a touch sreen. 

Sometimes, we feel that there are difference between the different touch screen. Are you feelling that the following scenes seem to have met before? Most of time, you just need to touch it directly, and it is smooth touch. But sometimes you may need to touch it with difficulty, even the machine is jiggles because your sharp knock on the screen. Sometimes the screen is reactive when your finger is still a short distance to the touch screen. 

Do you confuse? That's because of the different type of touch screen. Normally, it is 3 types, and they are more common. Which is capacitive touch screen, resistive touch screen and infrared touch screen, every of them has features.

First one is capacitive touch, which is used a lot more these days. It is simply use, you just need touch with your finger pulp, it is smooth touch and greatly sensitive. It is widely use for cellphone, tablet, etc. Now it can achieve the multi-points touch. It is convenient and elecent experience. But it is more expensive.

The second one is the resistive touch, it is touch by your finger nail. If you touch with you finger pulp, you will feel verl difficult and no respaonse. This type is cheaper than capacitive touch, now it is also can support multi-points. Most of time, BVS use single point touch. But for resistive touch screen, it is not very easy to touch like the capacitive touch. 

And the last one is the infrared touch, the screen will sense with the area was blocked by light, and the blocked area was reactive. In general, this type of touch screen is use for lcd monitor, such as the arcade monitor, not for cellphone. 

Which kind do you prefer? Do you know other else? 

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