Founder Gina

BVS Fonder Gina


Gina, born in 1985, sets up Shenzhen Bvsion Technology Co., Ltd. in 2008 in Shenzhen, China.

In 2009, the Guangzhou branch was established.

In 2011, the Hongkong branch company was founded. And the "BVS" brand was registered in the same year.

Gina creates a brilliant legence of her careers and offers job opportunities for society. 

Contact Information

Mobile/Whatsapp: +86 13828721282
Skype: bvsion


Chairman Gina's Message

"Intelligent manufacturing, changing the world."
We believe that smart manufacturing is a good opportunity for the development of Bvsion, and it is a very new industrial civilization. Intelligent manufacturing will profoundly change human society and the world.
The first is the automation and intelligence of logistics and transportation, material storage, and the second is the intelligent production operations. Through the application of industrial robots, visual recognition, artificial intelligence and other technologies, the production process and terminal operations are intelligent. Finally, there is self-service and intelligentization of medical care, public transportation, and daily life services.
"Intelligent manufacturing, changing the world" is the eternal mission of Bvsion. We diligently strive to build a connected intelligent world through lcd display products, solutions and services, and continue to provide customers, employees, and suppliers. Create value with society.
At Bvsion, we are determined to drive the market with talent cultivation and technological innovation, and to create value with service. We insist on being the struggler-oriented, identifying the market with value contribution, leading operation and leading evaluation; we firmly believe that our core competitiveness can serve our customers, Realize the core value proposition of the best overall cost. The future road is hindered and long, and the line is approaching. The road of development is full of challenges for both the enterprise and the individual. Sticking to the original aspiration, serving customers, and repaying the society are our eternal pursuit of value.
A thousand miles begins with a single step. Life is like this, and so is business. As a young generation who has passed through the era of digital intelligence, all the achievements are inseparable from the innovative results of the hard work of the staff of Bvsion. In Bvsion, we are engaged in research and development, innovation, honesty, accumulation and development, step by step. Starting from the grassroots level, following the development policy and route of the organization step by step is the growth path of all Bvsion employees. We must believe that in Bvsion, there are no irreplaceable resources and abilities. The only thing we cannot replace is a group of companions who practice the way of Bvsion and have the will of steel.
Time flies. In 2008, we seized the opportunity of the rapid development of the Internet, and took advantage of technological innovation and talent cultivation to leap forward and become the industry leader; and now we will usher in a new wave of technological innovation, and eternal prosperity— —Practitioners of intelligent and intelligent manufacturing will continue to adhere to the Bvsion spirit of "integrity-based, innovation-oriented, sincere dedication, strong execution, and courageous morality", and strive to ride the wind and waves, create greater glory, and give back to customers, repay employees and society.
I wish our customers of Bvsion grow stronger, I wish the stuff of Bvsion develop better and become people with higher happiness index, and I wish Bvsion's foundation forever!