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The touch screen doesn't work? Bvs tells you how to repair!

The touch screen doesn't work? Bvs tells you how to repair!

When there is a problem with the all-in-one touch screen, it greatly affects the daily use. In this case, we urgently need to know what is wrong with the touch screen pc and solve the problem. Follow us, BVS will tell you

the solution to the malfunctioning touch screen


There are problems with the touch screen, which may be the following problems, let us learn them one by one:

Problem 1: No response

1. The USB cable is loose contact , please check the connection;
2. The touch screen driver is not installed, and it needs to be reinstalled;
3. The touch screen driver is not compatible, please install the correct touch driver.

Problem 2: Response time is too long

1. The CPU is occupied by programs or there are too many processes. Please close the unused programs or the task manager to end the unused processes.
2. There is debris on the screen, the touch screen responds to the operation of the dust or debris, try to clean the surface of the touch screen.

Problem 3: Inaccurate touch

Capacitive touch screen


1. Is there any wiring connection?
2. Is it close?

Resistive touch screen


1. Because the touch screen is used for long time, the gas inside leaks out, causing its own environment to change, and it needs to be re-adjusted and corrected;
2. There are dust or debris on the surface of the touch screen, try to remove all the debris.

Problem 4: Inaccurate positioning of the touch screen

The touch screen uses Taiwan's main control chip and is set up with eGalaxTouch software. Long press on the screen is the right button, adjust the long press time, turn off the buzzer sound, all can be set with eGalaxTouch.
Solution: Start-all programs-eGalaxTouch double-click the eGalaxTouch software as shown in the figure, you can set the position fixed point (normally it can be verified accurately), 9 o'clock positioning and 25 o'clock positioning (for area drift, accurate positioning in the middle of the surface does not Quasi-conditions).


solution to broken touch screen
Check your touch screen, and find the true methods to fix your touch screen monitor. 


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