PoE tablet and poe switches

What is PoE Tablet(Power Over Ethernet)?

What is PoE Tablet(Power Over Ethernet)?

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Are you troubled with the complicated cables when you use a tablet? What do you think about a cable which booting up the tablet and connect with ethernet meanwhile? It does exist.

Do you know PoE Tablet? What is it?

PoE tablet means the tablet is powered over ethernet. It is easily understand. With a RJ45 ethernet cable and a PoE switch, and the machine will be power on, meanwhile it also has ethernet function. It doesn't need to boot the machine with one more cable, less cable, less tangled.

Does it sounds great?

PoE tablet and PoE switch

Do you know which fields usually apply PoE tablet? 

In general, people prefer it to apply for home automation, conference room smart meeting tablet, kitchen display system, industrial automation and other embedded using.

First, not all tablet support  PoE function, the tablet must be with PoE modules. Second, the poe tablet matches with a PoE switch to achive PoE function.

What is the advantage of PoE? 

PoE function helps to save the cost and time for the room wiring , to reduce the power cable, to reduce the power plug and switches.

Maybe you are not have any feelling about one power cable, but if there are a commercial item, it helps a lot. The cost for wiring, material and time will be decreasing much.

 In recent year, PoE tablet is more and more popular than the regular tablet.

How Can I Purchase A PoE Tablet?

 For personal using, we recommend you buy from local place, or you can search the product by keywords "poe tablet" and "poe switch" on the Amazon, Ebay, Aliexpress, etc.

For commercial using and industrial using, you can send us your requirement, our customer services will check it and reply you. BVS focus on offering the hardware solution of touch display fields for 13 years.

Our main product is industrial panel pc, poe tablet, open frame monitor and POS system. Except for these, we also offer one-stop shopping service. So that we also supply poe switch, bardcode scanner, thermal printer, cash drawer, mini pc and so on. We will do our best to supply the solution for you after we received your message, including the poe tablet and poe switch.

10.1" android poe tablet with led lamp

After reading this passage, are you still confused with poe? Do you know other more application with poe?

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