Nurse Call System

Nurse Call System For Hospital

Nurse Call System For Hospital

BVS, professional in touch display.

Nurse Call System is for hospital or clinic, which is convenient to report the patient's conditions, to help the health-care quickly offer the effective and excellent healthy care. 

Usually, most hospital prefer 10 inch touch screen control panel, and the host panel is put in the nurses station. It supports wall mount and embedded installations.

Match with your software, it can achieve some function like:

  1. a) The nurse call system will record the every dressing change and the patient rational examination. 
  2. b) Monitoring the immediate states of the connected ward.
  3. c) Make and received the voice call from else unit.
  4. d) Check the daily log of award, including the call time, and it shows which doctor and nurse answer the phone call, who came in this ward.
  5. e) Set the alarm and timing function.

In general, the nurse call system supports NFC or RFID card reader to identify their identification. 

Nurse call system is reliable, greatly improve the efficiency for hospital. Doctor and nurse could know the patient’s condition, if they need any help they can call more people to assistant.

BVS supplies 10.1 inch to 32 inch touch display solutions for enterprise and the factory near 15 years, experienced in the field. Some customer purchase our product as the nurse call system, as a digital signage for hospital wards, as a control panel for medical Oximeter.

Our product is the touch screen panel pc. To satisfy customer’s needs, we can accept the product customization according your requirement, such as the card reader and external microphone.

We offer white color and black color options, besides, we also supply full white touch screen panel pc.

If you are looking for a nurse call system panel, don’t hesitate to contact us!


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