Conference Room Door Tablet

Conference Room Door Tablet

Conference Room Door Tablet

BVS, professional in touch display.

BVS supply 10.1 inch to 32 inch multiple configurations of comercial tablet to satisfy our customers. Our products are designed with vesa hole, which can make it to different installations, like wall mount, embedded, open frame, desktop and vertical stand.

For android, it is widely applied for conference room and home automation. Customer usually choose 10.1 inch, 15.6 inch and 21.5 inch android tablet for conference room door tablet and smart home control panel pc. And they would install their own meeting room software on the android tablet, for example:

1) Teem Meeting Room Displays
2) Robin conference room display
3) Room display from Gogetcorp
4) Meeting room booking system from add-on.

Some key features of these meeting room displays include:

1. Built-in PoE(Power over ethernet) function

These meeting room display units support built-in PoE (802.3af/at) modules which makes them ideal for deployment in facilities or locations where power outlets are difficult to reach. Simply connect the PoE/LAN cable to the back of these units to the LAN port and deliver both data and power. These PoE systems offer low cost alternative to other solutions where both a power cable and RJ45/LAN cable is required to interface to a tablet or panel PC. With less moving parts and built-in PoE support these units offer economical and highly secure means of managing meeting rooms.

2. LED status lights

We provide models with optional LED status lights that can be programmatically controlled. The LED lights provide a quick visual feedback on the usage status of the room. For example, a Red LED status indicates the room is in use. A Blue indicates that the meeting is nearing completion which Green status indicates immediate availlability of the room.

Other features of the units include:

1) Auto-start power on 

2) WIFI & Camera

3) Flush wall or Vesa (on wall) mounting

4) White/Black Plastic Frames or Stainless Steel/Aluminum

5) Optional NFC support for card reading

Android tablet with enclosure.

This model is useful if the customer has a preference to use off-the-shelf tablets that can be enclosed in a secure metallic enclosure.

The Advantage of conference room door tablet

A conference tablet can achieve Interactive signage, integrated with your scheduling system

Save time and money by automation management of resources with Door Tablet smart building technologies


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