kitchen display system

What is kitchen display system (KDS)?

What is kitchen display system (KDS)?

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What is kitchen display system? Is it a pos system for restaurant? Don't hurry, we will learn it today.

Usually, KDS is short for kitchen display system. It is a digital order viewing screens for restaurant. 

When we walk into a restaurant of some scale, we can see many customers seated to wait for their food, and the waiter or the waitress are busy to provide ellecent service for them. After the customers ordered their dishes, then the server will place order through the restaurant internal pos system. The guest's requirement will be transmit to the kitchen display system in seconds. The chef will prepare the meals for the customer rapidly. If the meals is ready, they can through the touch screen inform the waiter to serve.

In the process, the kitchen display system display the customer's order by connecting to the restaurant’s POS (point-of-sale) system. It replaces handwritten or verbal tickets and reduces human error, all while monitoring the time it takes to prepare each dish.

KDS saves the time for communication and avoid disorder, and it optimize the kitchen workflows, food quality, and speed of service. Which greatly improve the efficiency for the restaurant. So that the most of restaurant use it in the kitchen. 

In general, kitchen touch screen display is made of the industrial tablet and the software. If you need a kitchen display system, you can choose to buy a tablet and the software from tablet manufatcurer and software company.

So do you know what is the kitchen display system now? 

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