Touch PC

Touch PC

Touch PC

BVS, professional in touch display.

Shenzhen Bvsion Technology Co., Ltd. supply the hardware solution of 10.1" to 32" touch pc for business use and industrial use since 2008, involving all in one pos pc, industrial monitor, panel pc and poe android tablet, but do you know what are them applied for? 

The application of touch screen all in one pc is wide with the development of technology and economy. We can see the lcd screen everywhere nowadays, the usage of them is different and interesting. Today let us learn the different application fields of aio pc.

  1. Digital Signage
  2. Self-service Terminal
  3. Advertising Player
  4. POS Display
  5. Coin-operated Game Machine
  6. Arcade Game Machine
  7. Karaoke VOD
  8. Home Automation
  9. Conference Tablet
  10. Industrial Automation
  11. Robot Display
  12. Restaurant Order Tablet
  13. Acrylic Monitor
  14. Medical Monitor
  15. Face Reconigtion
  16. Electric File Cabinet
  17. ...

When we walk on the street, we can see the cash register in the tea shop or retail store to charge; When we eat at some restaurants, we can use the electric menu to order and make payment; When we go inside the shopping mall, we can know about the seller's floor with the assistant of inquiry machine or robot; When we check in hotel, we can make a self-serice with a kiosk...

The society is more and more convenient, and people would complete some jobs with the help of the technology. We believe it will be such situation for long time. Technology has a great impact to people's life, and our life could not leave technology. The touch screen aio pc now is applied to many fields and lines. It helps us and makes life is more abundant.

So do you know what is the application of touch pc after reading this articel?

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