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The maintenance of touch machine

The maintenance of touch machine

Whether it is a mobile phone, computer digital products or other home appliances need regular maintenance, or cleaning maintenance, so that you can use a long time to run. We all know that the environment in which the industrial touch all-in-one machine is generally commercial machine can not adapt to survive, maintenance of industrial touch all-in-one machine to give industrial touch all-in-one machine a smooth working environment.

Compared to ordinary tablet PCs, industrial touch all-in-one machine is more robust and durable, and its design as well as quality have higher standards. Even so, the use of industrial touch all-in-one machine also need to the correct operation of industrial touch all-in-one machine habits, and to do a good job related to maintenance and maintenance work, regular maintenance and maintenance of industrial touch all-in-one machine. Then industrial touch all-in-one machine how to maintain it?

First, installed to the appropriate location.

Industrial touch all-in-one machine in the process of the environment is too bright which is directly irradiated in the industrial touch all-in-one machine above, so the most direct method is to lead to poor visual effects. It can not see clearly on the panel display, but also affect the operation of the machine. Therefore, industrial control touch machine is recommended to usually find a light suitable location to place the computer, so as to be able to better use and maintain it.

Second, in accordance with the specifications for switching and checking.

According to everyone's usual common sense computer switch on and off are prescribed order, industrial control touch one machine is also the same can not be reversed otherwise it will burn the machine. It can not be forced to remove the plug which will also bring harm to the machine. And after it has been shut down if you find that you still want to use the computer, which industrial control touch machine function to remind must wait five seconds before turning on the operation to avoid frequent operation in order to give it a little reaction time.

Third, master the skills and details of cleaning and maintenance.

Cleaning maintenance is a basic work to be carried out every day, this time industrial control touch machine should try to use special dry rags, the machine related instructions also emphasize that if you encounter oil difficult to clean stains, then you should use glass cleaner to wipe, but be sure to master the amount used can not have water drops.We should remembered absolutely not let the cleaner drip into the machine's interior, generally only the surface casing should be cleaned.

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