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The Functions of the Teaching Touch Machine

The Functions of the Teaching Touch Machine

At present, due to the continuous development and perfection of touch screen technology, derived from a lot of advanced touch control equipment products. Touch screen and all-in-one computer machine perfectly combined together to produce touch electronic equipment products - touch all-in-one machine, is undoubtedly the best of them. Touch all-in-one machine according to the application of different places, with different functions, and can be called teaching touch all-in-one machine, query touch all-in-one machine, display touch all-in-one machine, conference touch all-in-one machine and other kinds of call.

Teaching touch all-in-one machine for education and teaching has such a big role, then, when we need to purchase teaching touch all-in-one machine, we need to have an understanding of its function. So, do you know what the function of the teaching touch all-in-one machine are?

1. High-definition display

Teaching touch one machine display effect is good, brightness and high contrast, high definition of the image, does not hurt the eyes, can meet the application of video and multiple image display applications, and its viewing angle of more than 178 degrees, in all positions can be seen.

2 .Vivid interaction

Real-time annotations, multimedia interactive presentation, more vivid, user experience more focused.

3. Multi-functional integration

Teaching touch all-in-one machine integrated multimedia LCD high-definition display, computer, electronic whiteboard, audio playback and other functions, orderly integration, good use and practical.

 4. Remote video conferencing

Simple video conferencing set up, through the external camera and pick-up device to sound and image signal acquisition, recording, storage, playback. Or the sound and image signals from the scene can be used to visualise and communicate with people in different locations via LAN or WAN.

5. A number of intelligent auxiliary tools

Magnifying glass, spotlight, curtain, close screen, partial snapshot, recording, camera capture and many other tools.

6. Easy to apply, save time and effort

Teaching touch all-in-one machine is easy to install and maintain, no special tools are needed to operate and control, zero cost maintenance. 

7. Extra-long life span, ultra-low usage cost

Electronic whiteboard life grows 50,000 hours, other use costs are almost zero. The projector used in traditional whiteboards, however, needs to be replaced after a period of use, and the bulb of the projector or rear projector needs to be replaced at a cost of about RMB 2,000 to RMB 6,000 each time, increasing the cost of using the whiteboard at a later stage.

8. Strong environmental adaptability to meet different needs

It is not afraid of scratches and impacts, and is resistant to violence, dust, oil, electromagnetic interference and light interference to meet various environmental requirements.

9. No special writing pen is needed to enhance the human-machine experience

Teaching touch machine can use fingers, whip, writing pen and other opaque objects to write and touch operation, no special writing pen is needed to improve the experience between human and machine.

10. Multi-touch new experience, more flexible human-computer interaction

Support two points at the same time positioning and writing, a variety of gesture action recognition, can instinctively and naturally zoom, rotate, annotate, so that the demonstration is more intuitive, touch experience to enhance, in line with the new trend of interactive touch, improve the flexibility of human-computer interaction.

The above is a brief introduction to the functions of the teaching touch machine, there are more functions that need to be discovered slowly in the process of use. 

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