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21.5 Inch Elevator Touch Screen Advertising Player

21.5 Inch Elevator Touch Screen Advertising Player

It is more appropriate and recommended to add network to the elevator touch screen advertising player by means of a wireless network connection.

Elevator advertising player directly upload and automatically download humanized functions. Select the set wireless network connection, and you can play and update the screen through the computer terminal, which is simple and convenient to use. Since the use of elevator advertising machines is non-stop throughout the day, the stability of the display screen cannot be ignored.

Remember to use the switching mechanism to avoid blank screens during use.
As a new type of fifth media, LCD elevator advertising player supports audio playback, FLASH, pictures, PPT, document browsing, real-time information, mobile subtitles, etc., so in the process of use, pay attention to the compatibility of LCD elevator advertising machine, because incompatible The consequence is that the media owners suffer losses due to the inability to make the best use of them.

On the premise that the tail communication signal is received inside the elevator, it is also preferable to connect through 4G, and no redundant connection is required. But there is one point that needs to be investigated on the spot, that is, in a closed space such as an elevator, will the signal be stable? When we take the elevator, the mobile phone sometimes has no signal. Then if the elevator advertising machine uses such a networking method, once there is no signal, the advertising content will not be able to play.

Some interactive elevator advertising player can not only bring shocking effects to the audience in appearance, but also design according to the needs of users in operation. Users can choose the products they are interested in through the touch interaction function of the elevator advertising player, you can choose the order and speed of reading information by yourself; you can even complete information query, coupon printing, non-cash transactions, etc. The easy-to-use interaction of the LCD elevator advertising machine greatly enhances the shopping experience of consumers, improves the shopping pleasure of consumers, and also improves the brand awareness of businesses, thereby increasing sales.

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