touch screen POS hardware

Touch Screen POS Hardware

Touch Screen POS Hardware

The POS is one of the best all-in-one e-commerce solutions available. Without the hardware, it’s a powerhouse for e-commerce businesses, but the addition of a simple card reader turns your smartphone or tablet into a complete POS solution for physical cash and card transactions.

The basic version, great for e-commerce and small businesses, includes an online store, unlimited stock, staff accounts, 24/7 support, sales channels, order creation, and discount codes.

In addition to its screen, tablet-centrism point of sale system, BVS can (depending on the plan you choose) manage menus, reservations, and tables, as well as customer benefits like loyalty rewards. It also supports online ordering, especially helpful if you're looking to expand your delivery or food pick-up offerings.

BVS’s POS hardware and software – is easy-to-use and well-suited for a restaurant or bar environment.

Small restaurants can benefit from a single screen system, where you have one payment terminal. Medium-sized restaurants can use up to double screen with a sixth acting as the central terminal. Larger restaurants can benefit from custom-built POS systems with a PC as the central hub, enabling you to connect as many mobile devices as required.

With feature-rich software, competitive prices, and a simple setup process, BVS represents excellent value for money. And if you own a restaurant or bar it would be hard to find a more-suited option for your needs.

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