Flexible Point Of Sale Solutions

Flexible Point Of Sale Solutions

Flexible Point Of Sale Solutions

POS systems have evolved to become more flexible, so they work on many devices. For example, with nothing but a smartphone and mobile card reader, you can manage payments, refunds, and more.

Mobile point of sale solutions are especially useful for small businesses and those without a fixed address, like food trucks and personal trainers. But they also represent a great opportunity for fixed businesses looking to leverage pop-up stores, kiosks, and mobile storefronts.

Today's POS systems are built to work on windows, android or linux system, which gives you greater flexibility and mobility when securing customer payments.

You can choose to have them fixed in place with a stand or to keep them on your person to serve customers, which is a great option for a restaurant or bar.

Tablet POS systems are often the easiest POS devices to use as well, as they’ve been simplified for easier handling on a tablet. You get all the movement benefits of a mobile POS system with a wider screen and more storage space.

If you're looking for advice about POS systems for specific type of business, then take a look at our guides to choosing the best POS systems for small business, POS systems for restaurants, and POS systems for retail.

BVS’s POS options and services have grown considerably in recent years, and it now offers a wide range of hardware and software solutions for businesses of all types.

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