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The influence of Android advertising players in the mall

The influence of Android advertising players in the mall

In recent years, the development of the Android advertising player market is in full swing. Although the domestic Android advertising machine market started late, with the joint efforts of the merchants, the development of the Android advertising display has gradually become more sophisticated. The advantages of the touch all-in-one machine in the field of commercial display and advertising completely break the structure of the traditional promotion mall, and it has a strong influence on the promotion mall.

The increase in awareness and penetration of Android advertising machines in shopping malls has resulted in significant changes in the promotion of shopping malls. The traditional multimedia information publishing system uses newspapers and static billboards as carriers for traditional printed advertisements. The importance of Media’s Android advertising machine and interactive promotion contact with Android advertising machine continues to rise, and the number of uses also increases explosively.

The reason why the Android advertising machine can have such a big influence on the promotion market is mainly due to the advantages of the Android advertising player itself. Touch Android advertising player display videos, TV screens, images, animations, pages, database data, etc., combined into a section of wonderful programs. Touch Android advertising machine with network functions can even use the long-distance publishing system to make the produced programs in real time. It is pushed to media display terminals scattered everywhere, so as to display wonderful pictures and real-time information in all aspects on various occasions. Because the Touch Android advertising machine has the advantages of vivid expression and rich content, it has become a powerful media advertising method to convey information to targeted audiences. Through the interactive combination of information kiosks and outdoor electronic newspaper reading boards, the Touch Android advertising machine has gained a huge promotion market.

It can be seen that the touch Android advertising player is incomparable in the preface of traditional advertising whether it is in the use of advantages or in the display of functions. Moreover, Touch Android advertising display is a product developed in the era, and it also satisfies everyone’s diverse use needs. It can be said that the influence of Touch Android advertising player in the promotion market is not occasional but inevitable. Its future development will be Increasing brilliance.

BVS 15.6 inch android advertising player is recommended, usually it is placed at supermarket, elevator, restaurant, hotel and so on. This is a digital signage for commercial using, it is without software and battery, support customize function like NFC and POE. Besides, it can be installed with multiple installations.

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