hotel information interactive kiosk

Hotel Information Interactive KIOSK

Hotel Information Interactive KIOSK

With the development of touch technology, hotels are also moving towards digital services. Nowadays, hotels are using all-in-one hotel touch pc to build an information interactive platform with consumers.
The hotel’s touch all-in-one pc has a streamlined body and a stylish shell, giving the hotel lobby and corridors a brand-new feeling, enhancing the hotel’s brand image in the hearts of consumers and displaying its corporate culture. The touch query all-in-one pc has the advantages of humanization, convenient use, and fast. Consumers can also easily obtain real-time useful information. At the same time, they can also watch multimedia entertainment programs and enjoy their leisure time.
Advantages of hotel touch all-in-one: digital hotel services can provide consumers with hotel introductions, service item inquiries (such as massage, laundry, meal ordering, meal delivery, shopping, travel, etc.), video on demand, as well as email sending and receiving, web page previews , Casual games and other services, not only convenient for guests, but also can increase a lot of advertising revenue.
Peripheral supporting services, get route guidance, and guests can browse or inquire about hotel surrounding service packages.
For local travel services, you can enjoy free consultation and service reservations through the terminal, and provide visitors with travel product information.
Paid content services, such as paid games, paid movies, purchasing services, etc.
Supervise and evaluate services, and guests can evaluate the evaluation items of hotel service quality.
The humanized and modern management level of the touch-control all-in-one pc will make guests feel a warm scientific and technological information service. Touchwo electronic touch all-in-one is simple and convenient to use, real 10-point touch, extremely fast response, simple and quick self-service inquiries, can also enhance the overall image, retail and wholesale different sizes of touch all-in-ones.

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