mounting options for industrial panel PCs

What are the mounting options for industrial panel PCs?

What are the mounting options for industrial panel PCs?

Industrial flat panels are mainly used in industrial control systems, testing, etc. Most applications have plastic housings and industrial production hardware configurations that can be easily integrated into more extreme office environments. This is something that computers in general cannot do. In addition, because of the prevalence of industrial flat panel applications, installation methods are more diverse, in addition to the general computer desktop with commercial notebooks, industrial flat panel computers in fact have the following types of installation methods.

Desktop type

Like commercial notebooks, industrial flat-panel computers are also available in desktop mounting methods. Desktop computer installation support brackets are given in a different way and actually lie with the manufacturer. When customers pick, they can choose the desktop computer mounting support frame and put it together immediately. Desktop is the most very easy way to install on industrial flat panel computers. At the same time, like some commercial laptops, the mounting support brackets for industrial tablet PCs can also be adjusted for display viewing angles to further enhance the consumer's application experience.


The embedded installation method is generally to place the industrial flat panel into the customer's equipment. If the customer's equipment must be large or small control box, embedded flat panel only the control panel will be installed in the outside of the equipment, the rest will be placed in the customer's equipment. The back side is fixed by hooks (medium and large control boxes can be opened by simply opening an atmospheric hole in the installation drawing of the inline panel according to the hole size). Other areas do not need to open the installation holes.


Open type industrial flat panel and no structure housing, only the internal structure, most customers use mainly small equipment size, already have a high precision housing, and not too much indoor space to install general flat panel, such as ATM machines, commercial POS, etc., generally installed in the internal structure of customer equipment.


Back-mounted industrial flat panel computer to put it bluntly in the opposite direction installed in the client's server cabinet and equipment, installed in the client's internal structure, and open unlike the case has a switching power supply, the edge and the edge of the client's case overlap, usually used for power engineering, mechanical equipment, medical equipment industry and other large and small equipment.

Rack type

Rack type industrial panel PC is usually installed in the server cabinet, so the total width of the specification 19 feet, the installation hole to the specification U number open. Usually used for communications, power engineering, large and medium-sized network servers and other machinery and equipment server cabinet installation.


The characteristics of the wall-mounted industrial panel PC is that it can not only be hung on the wall, and most can be installed on the customer's equipment. It can be adjusted according to the customer's regulations to adjust the angle of view, mutual fit with the appropriate installation arm, can stay anywhere at will, so that customers see. It is generally suitable for small, medium, medium and large installations.

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