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The role of the touchscreen all-in-one pc

The role of the touchscreen all-in-one pc

With the increasing advancement of touch technology, the use of electronic touch control equipment in life and work has become more and more widespread, in many places in various professions are often able to see their figure. Touch one machine as a computer with contact function one machine products, has a very strong use of function and very fast operation method, so the use of the market is very popular.

Now, touch all-in-one machine is now widely used in many areas of various professions, such as education, conference, query, display, advertising, entertainment, industrial control and so on. Below, the touch control all-in-one machine as an example, to introduce you to the touch control all-in-one machine has what role.

First, about touch one machine - planning a variety of LCD touch one machine planning form diversification, the user can according to their own needs to choose. Multi-touch unit suitable for recording broadcast and live broadcast and other scenarios, the system supports a variety of ways of media content input sources, including hard disk storage media resources (pictures, animation, video, etc.) and live video input and output (live video stream can be integrated into the anchor system through the SDI adapter.

Second, about the touch all-in-one machine - environmental protection and energy saving.

Touch all-in-one machine belongs to the environmental protection and energy-saving equipment, unlike the projector on the light requirements are very demanding. The ambient light is too bright will directly affect the performance of the product, contact all-in-one machine is a good solution to this problem. It is not subject to external light interference, also will not be like the general electronic whiteboard, encounter darker light can not see, or reflective situation, and low energy consumption, also reduces light pollution. And, with the continuous use of touch all-in-one machine development, cast the requirements of the times, for health and environmental protection plus the weight of safety, LCD touch all-in-one machine is to focus on its own health and environmental issues. Touch all-in-one machine is popular because it can keep up with the fast-paced development of the times.

Three, about touch one machine - multi-computer combination. Touch all-in-one machine is generally used in conference rooms or education, unlike traditional projection, the need to use the projector, projection screen, audio, controller and tedious connection control, but also to avoid the general electronic whiteboard encounter block on the projector light will affect the image role of inconvenience, set a variety of equipment in one, useful to improve the efficiency of work.

Fourth, about touch all-in-one machine - intelligent interaction. Different from the traditional computer products, touch one machine operation is very convenient and quick, sensitive touch system can be well applied to a variety of places of use, supply services.

The above-mentioned is about the role of the touch control all-in-one machine. As a main production touch all-in-one machine products manufacturers, BVS supply contains contact all-in-one machine, education touch all-in-one machine, conference touch all-in-one machine, contact query machine, contact advertising machine and so on touch intelligent products, and has been highly recognized by the market.

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