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What are the hardware components of a computer?

What are the hardware components of a computer?

The hardware composition of the computer, it looks like a host and a monitor, but in fact there are still a lot of hardware composition of the computer, here's a look.

1.Expansion cards and expansion slots

When you need to use the computer to watch VCDs and listen to music, you need to configure the sound card. The sound card is not a necessary part of the PC, it is a functional extension card for the PC.

By extension card, we mean that this card can extend the functions of the PC, such as a sound card to make the PC sound, a fax card to give the PC fax functions, a network card to allow you to connect to the internet and so on.

The expansion card is inserted directly into the expansion slot on the motherboard designed for expansion cards. A display card is also an expansion card, as the basic principle of a computer is that the "display" is actually an additional function that allows the workings of the computer to be monitored under direct visual control.

Although the monitor is now a basic part of the computer, the display card is still regarded as an expansion card for customary reasons. Of course, sound cards, fax cards and network cards are all standard expansion cards.


The chassis generally includes the shell, the bracket, the various switches and indicators on the panel, etc. As part of the computer accessories, the main role of the chassis is to place and fix the computer accessories, to play a supporting and protective role.


The DVD drive is a device that reads DVD discs, which have a capacity of 4.7GB, seven times that of a CD-ROM disc, and can store 133 minutes of film, including seven Dolby Digital surround tracks. 

Do you understand all about the hardware components of these parts of your computer?

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