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The advantageous features of industrial all-in-one pc

The advantageous features of industrial all-in-one pc

With the continuous promotion of Industry 4.0, industrial equipment is also constantly upgraded, ordinary desktop computers can not meet the needs of industry, and the emergence of industrial all-in-one machine, solve a lot of industrial needs. It can adapt to a variety of harsh environments, the realization of industrial intelligent automation, greatly enhance the production efficiency. So, what are the advantages and characteristics of the industrial all-in-one machine?

Industrial control panel computer, industrial control machine, is designed for the use of industrial intelligent automation industry control computer. Due to the use of the environment is mostly harsh environment, with anti-interference, anti-shock, anti-static, corrosion resistance, can cope with the harsh working environment of multiple occasions. With the introduction of Industry 4.0 and the upgrading of computer software, industrial intelligent products have been upgraded and various R&D and design companies have been created.

Unlike ordinary computers which can only be used within a limited range and will not be connected once they are a little further away. While domestic professional industrial all-in-one machines can control and operate industrial production on a wide scale, solving people's problems and the embarrassing situation of labour shortage in many large factories. As a result, they can be used in a wide range of machine tools and machinery, and maintain a high speed and clear operation.

Industrial control machines are commonly referred to as computers designed specifically for industrial sites, which are generally characterised by strong vibrations, dust and high levels of electromagnetic interference, and generally operate continuously throughout the year without a break. Therefore, compared with ordinary computers, industrial control machines must have the following characteristics.

The chassis is made of steel structure, with high anti-magnetic, dustproof and anti-impact capability. The chassis has a special base plate with PCI and ISA slots on the base plate. The chassis has a dedicated power supply with a strong anti-interference capability. Requires the ability to work continuously for long periods of time.

A standard chassis that is generally easy to install Note: Apart from the above features, the rest is basically the same. In addition, due to the above characteristics, industrial control machines at the same level are more expensive than ordinary computers in terms of price, but generally not much different.

As factories, construction sites and other environments inherent in its nature, the general computer if moved to these places to use, will not last long, because of a variety of reasons and damage, and durable industrial all-in-one machine with its strong performance and strong body, can be very good to overcome a variety of environments.

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