industrial LCD monitor

What are industrial LCD monitors?  

What are industrial LCD monitors?  

LCD is a technology that utilizes light modulating properties of liquid crystals and plagiarizers. Industrial LCD monitors are rugged computer displays that adopt LCD technology to connect to a computer or a machine as an interface. Moreover, rugged LCD monitors are specifically and carefully designed to withstand the harshest industrial deployments while maintaining their durability, longevity, and reliability.  

The industrial rugged LCD monitor is different from the standard LCD monitor. The standard LCD monitor can only offer up to 350 nits of brightness, which is not bright enough for outdoor deployments. In comparison, the rugged LCD monitor offers up to 1000 nits of brightness, significantly increasing readability when exposed to direct sunlight. As a result, this technology has been widely used in outdoor kiosks, retail displays, and intelligent transportation but also in even harsher environments like mining.  

The rugged LCD monitors are the collaborative solution in HMI deployment for industrial control systems to efficiently manage ongoing tasks and control multiple functions. HMI or Human Machine Interfaces are the display interface that provides industrial operators the ability to choose and determine a pre-planned result from the machine and applications, which usually may consist of a complex network of sensors, alarms, and on/off functions. A proper HMI infrastructure setup will lead to better productivity and operational efficiency in an industrial operation. By providing several benefits, such as anti-glare technology, tough scratch-resistant glass, and optical bonding, a rugged LCD monitor is crucial in ensuring a reliable, streamlined operation process for its operators and users, especially in harsh industrial deployments.    

A rugged display monitor plays a crucial role in ensuring and informing the whole operation processes to the field operators. For instance, industrial LCD monitors allow the operator to maintain smooth operations and easily detect any detrimental error that occurs in the system. Therefore, industries must make sure that the display monitor they use is reliable, durable, and flexible to resist the most challenging industrial deployments. Thus, rugged display LCD monitors offer numerous benefits.

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