single-screen pos system

Single-screen and Dual-screen Pos System

Single-screen and Dual-screen Pos System

Nowadays more and more physical stores through the pos system to achieve intelligent management of stores, and intelligent pos system is divided into single-screen and dual-screen pos system, which one is better to use? Many merchants are confused about this issue. Here we suggest that according to the actual needs of the store, combined with the following single and dual-screen pos system function and application scenarios reasonable purchase.

For pos systems, if you distinguish them from the appearance, they are divided into single-screen and double-screen pos systems. In terms of price, the double-screen pos system is definitely higher than the single-screen pos system. For the newly opened business, in order to save costs, they choose a single-screen pos system is more economical. In order to business friends more in-depth understanding of the difference between double-screen pos system and single-screen pos system, the next will be a detailed introduction.

Dual-screen pos system

Dual-screen pos system is divided into the main screen and the customer screen, the main screen touch screen can be operated by the clerk. The customer screen for customers, mainly used to confirm the order information, display the receipt QR code, the amount payable and display promotional information (product display, discount information, company introduction, etc.). Without additional printing advertising and receipt QR code sign, dual-screen display to help improve the display of business information and customer experience. As you can see, dual-screen pos systems help merchants interact with customers instantly. But the disadvantage is also obvious, it is not conducive to the privacy protection of members when queuing for pos system.

From the sales data, the users of dual-screen pos systems are mostly supermarkets, restaurants, milk tea stores, coffee shops, clothing stores and convenience stores of chain brands. Some of the more high-grade hotels will introduce intelligent pos systems with identification functions. For different industries, the use of double-screen pos systems is more conducive to more business practices, thus it will bring more revenue to the stores.

Single screen pos system

Single-screen pos systems are more often used in small restaurants, fast food stores and retail stores. Single-screen smart pos systems are relatively low in price, taking up little space and are more flexible in placement. But because there is no customer screen or LED digital display for customers to confirm the amount, it is more difficult to find the wrong order in time. If it is simply to do small retail stores, restaurants, stores that do not require much customer interaction, the use of single-screen pos systems will be more cost-effective.

You can choose according to the actual needs of the store. Pos systems need to be used every day, and here we recommend that our merchant friends choose manufacturers with a good reputation and guaranteed after-sales service to buy. 

Today's sharing ends here, I hope to help you, for more information about the pos system. Please follow me.

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