touch screen machines

Touch Screen All-in-one Machines

Touch Screen All-in-one Machines

Touch screen all-in-one machine technology is increasingly perfect, the scope of application is also expanding, then the touch screen all-in-one machine future development direction how?

First, the market scope of expansion

From one machine products have just been studied after, there are more and more businesses began to quote for its services. Because touch one machine has touch function, so most of the hospitals, administrative units, stations and so on area is willing to choose it as the human-computer interaction transmission link. With the promotion of technology, major companies began to use it to conduct meetings, major schools began to use it for teaching, feel the development of the industry instantly burst.

Second, the function gradually increased

At the beginning of the touch one machine only touch interactive function, people can use the touch function to query as well as pay bills and so on business. With the continuous integration of the field of science and technology, LCD touch machine and has increased the face recognition function and voice recognition function, which is a major progress in the development of human technology, is also one of the reasons why it is widely promoted. 

Third, the appearance of the form of change

The continuous progress of society is accompanied by the improvement of people's vision and requirements. With the diversification of application occasions, people's requirements for its appearance also began to gradually increase. So slowly appeared vertical, horizontal, wall hanging and so on, in these basic shape, there are customers put forward higher requirements, such as our company has received a lot of models of private custom appearance, the most classic on the shape of the Great White. 

The above is the future development direction of the touch one machine from BVS, these few development directions are only the direction of development that we can meet at present. However, technology is constantly progressing, we can not predict what kind of society will be in the future, so the development direction of the touch one machine is also a lot of possibilities, but no matter how the change, the future development direction of the touch one machine will be a bright, better able to provide services for people.

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