The Problems of Industrial Motherboards

The Problems of Industrial Motherboards

The Problems of Industrial Motherboards

An industrial motherboard is a motherboard that is used in industrial premises. It can be adapted to a wide temperature and voltage operating environment as required and can work under high load for long periods of time. In addition, through special design, industrial motherboards can be automatically restarted to ensure high stability of the system in complex environments. According to the chip type, it can be divided into X86 industrial motherboards, ARM industrial motherboards and so on. So, how to accurately solve the common problems of industrial motherboards?

Firstly, related to the industrial motherboard driver.

Industrial motherboard driver is lost, damaged, repeated installation will lead to operating system boot failure or operating system work instability. You can in turn open the Control Panel - System - Device Manager, check whether the items in the system devices have a yellow exclamation mark or question mark. Delete all items with yellow exclamation marks or question marks (can be done in safe mode), reinstall the drive on the industrial motherboard and reboot.

Secondly, it has poor contact, short circuit, etc.

The large area of the industrial motherboard is a place where a lot of dust collects. If dust causes poor contact between the slots and the board, the slots can be dusted. If the poor contact is caused by the oxidation of the slot pins, a hard white paper can be folded and inserted into the slot to wipe back and forth. In addition, dust detect CPU or attached to the industrial motherboard to monitor the chassis temperature may cause incorrect temperature recognition on the industrial motherboard, resulting in industrial motherboard protection failure, and care should be taken when cleaning.

In addition, when disassembling the chassis, accidentally dropping in small screws and other conductive materials may get stuck between the industrial motherboard components, leading to a short circuit phenomenon and resulting in a protection fault. At the same time, whether there is a small copper column between the industrial motherboard and the chassis to support the motherboard, the industrial motherboard improperly installed or chassis deformation directly contact the chassis, so that the short-circuit protection function automatically cut off the power supply.

Thirdly, with the industrial motherboard battery-related.

When the hard disk can not be found when the hard disk, the system time is not correct after the boot, CMOS settings can not be saved, you can first check whether the motherboard CMOS jumper is set to clear option. If so, change the jumper to the NORMAL option and reset it. If it is not a CMOS jumper error, it is likely to be caused by a damaged motherboard battery or insufficient battery voltage. Try another motherboard battery.

Fourthly, related to the industrial motherboard capacitor failure.

Industrial motherboard on the aluminum electrolytic capacitors due to time, temperature, quality and other reasons, will make its aging phenomenon, resulting in industrial motherboard anti-interference indicators down, affecting the normal work of industrial control machine. Purchase capacitors with the same capacity as the aging, prepare soldering iron, soldering wire, rosin and replace the aging. In addition, the loss of disassembly tools may also accidentally damage the capacitor, should also be checked and excluded.

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