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The Trends in the Future of Smart Classrooms

The Trends in the Future of Smart Classrooms

The real role of the "smart classroom" is to enable students to learn better and teachers to teach more easily, which is also the purpose of education information and education reform. With the development of moderation, "technology" has become an essential support for the development of information technology in education. While the popularity of information technology equipment is increasing, information technology is being used to change the traditional education philosophy and teaching mode of schools and to improve teachers' information technology literacy.

The future of the "smart classroom" will be changed in the following ways.

Firstly, the smart classroom will be shifted from a 'teaching' focus to a 'creative capacity development' focus, and the design and application of smart classrooms will be shifted from primary and secondary school students to university students.

Secondly, the research of smart classrooms should be combined with specific disciplines, and based on the characteristics, nature and future development direction of the disciplines, with the cultivation of innovative talents as the core, to explore the teaching mode of the cultivation of innovative talents in the context of different disciplines, to reconstruct the teaching environment in terms of talent cultivation, evaluation mechanism and teaching methods, and to closely focus on the construction of innovative ability data in the three processes of design, collection and analysis, in order to promote the development of smart classrooms. development of the classroom.

Third, the evaluation criteria are formulated around students' core qualities, and reconstructed in terms of information literacy, innovative and creative ability, critical thinking, problem-solving ability, ability to communicate and cooperate, and teamwork ability.

Features of the future for smart classroom:

Wisdom: the introduction of the concept of space design, through the flexible layout of tables and chairs to bring about changes in the layout of space, to support a variety of teaching modes. Equipped with a wide range of multimedia display and screen projection terminals, teachers and students can conduct quick group discussions, group presentations and resource sharing. 

Intelligent: the use of IT technology to realize the teaching equipment 

Dual management of classroom local and control centre, remote and automated control effectively reduces management costs; unlimited projection technology facilitates the timely display of information such as mobile terminals and facilitates sharing and communication among learners.

Humanistic: The new air system is able to monitor the air quality in the classroom in real time, and when the air quality is poor, the new air system performs air change and filtration to create a healthy teaching environment for teachers and students.

Energy saving: the temperature and humidity, light and human sensors in the classroom automatically and in real time monitor the relevant indicators in the classroom. According to the preset strategy, the lighting system is automatically switched off when the external light intensity is high and there is no one in the classroom, preventing the emergence of long-lasting lights and achieving energy-saving effects.

Environmental protection: The classroom uses semiautomatics earth interior wall decorative material, which has the function of eliminating formaldehyde, purifying air, fire retardant and so on, healthy and environmental protection and has very good decorative. 

Individuality: the custom-developed smart classroom booking system is seamlessly connected to class schedules, information dissemination and one-card systems, and can provide open management functions for smart classrooms, enabling booking, auditing, grouping and scheduling based on smart classrooms.

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