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How Point of Sales Systems Improve Customer Service

How Point of Sales Systems Improve Customer Service

When you think of a point of sale system, you likely think of faster transactions, the ability to track sales, and efficient inventory management. But one benefit that many people forget about in regards to point of sales systems, is improved customer service.

Customer happiness and satisfaction are crucial to the success of your business. When customers are happy, it’s easier to retain them. Customer retention is vital, especially when you consider that 65% of business comes from existing customers. So how can a point of sale system improve customer service at your business? No matter if you’re a brick and mortar company, online-based, or both, the benefits of a POS system span wide and far. Here’s what you need to know. 

Faster Transactions

Today's consumers are impatient. We want things as soon as possible, with minimal wait time involved. There's nothing more frustrating than waiting in a long checkout line. With a modern POS system installed at your location, you can speed up the entire transaction process.

With a POS system, cashiers don't have to hand jam an item's SKU. This not only speeds up transaction time but it also minimizes human error. POS systems offer barcode scanners and hotkeys that enable cashiers to quickly scan and bag items. Faster transactions ensure a positive customer experience, which is a critical part of keeping customers happy and willing to do business in the future.

Flexible Payment Options

Businesses succeed when they value flexibility and convenience. While credit card processing fees can be costly, imagine the number of customers you'd lose if you only accepted cash and debit transactions. The fact is that plastic is how most consumers pay for their items.

With the right POS system, it's easier than ever to offer flexible payment options. With the ability to accept a wide range of payments, including cash, debit, credit, EMV cards, and mobile pay, you give customers the ability to pay in a way that’s most convenient for them.

Give Customers Exactly What They Want

Your business exists to serve customers. If you sell products, one of the biggest benefits of having a POS system is that you'll be able to provide consumers with the products they want. Having real-time insight into your inventory allows you to reorder fast selling items. This minimizes the risk of losing a sale because of an item being out of stock. This, in turn, increases sales and customer satisfaction. With the back-end metrics that POS systems provide, you'll have the ability to generate reports, to include top-selling items along with items that aren't moving off the shelf as quickly as predicted.

Capture Customer Information for Better Marketing

Top notch customer service lasts long after a customer completes their purchase and leaves your store. With a POS system, you can capture pertinent customer information, such as name, email address, and contact details. A POS system also allows you to analyze consumer behavior. 

Using the data collected by the system, you can figure out who your top customers are. Through a loyalty program, you can reward customers who continue to choose your business over competitors.

Customer information is also helpful in that you can use it to:

  • Entice customers to shop again at your business
  • Send marketing emails
  • Run successful marketing campaigns
  • Alert customers of upcoming sales and deals
  • By using POS system data, you can greatly improve the effectiveness of your marketing. The better you market, the easier it is to retain customers.


Modern POS systems are in touch with how the world works today. With a mobile POS system, customers can enjoy a host of benefits. Using a mobile POS system, you’re able to completely change the typical sales process. A mobile system doesn’t confine customers from having to stand in line to complete their purchase. Instead, customers can check out from anywhere in the store, thanks to mobile check out options.

Using tablets that are connected to the POS system, sales associates can walk around the retail floor and offer customers the ability to check out from wherever. This is a huge convenience that allows customers to skip waiting in line. Mobile check out is also beneficial in that it increases impulse and on-the-spot buys. This increases sales and profit, offering a healthier bottom line.


A POS system is beneficial for everyone involved in the sales process. Not only does the system streamline business operations and improve day-to-day life for your employees, but a POS system also greatly benefits your customers. With a quality POS system, you can decrease transaction time, increase sales, and offer convenience that today’s consumers have come to expect from retailers.


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