The Prospect of All in One PC in the Future

The Prospect of All in One PC in the Future

The word " all in one PC" is unfamiliar to many people, but when it comes to bank queues and ATM machines, do you immediately have a concept? Yes, if you look closely, it seems that there are a lot of public sectors using such devices, such as banks, subways and government offices. So, what's the future of the all-in-one PC?

The all-in-one PC has widely used the life performance of LCD monitors, which shows its unique computer entry performance. First of all, this kind of machine multi-touch technology, although man-machine is more popular now, but for some elderly people and computers that are not commonly used, using the keyboard is still a relatively faulty operation. People who want to use their fingers to say what they need can easily operate it as long as they have the answer. It is especially easy to use for the elderly and friends, so it is also very popular.

Second, the all-in-one PC can save a lot of space. Whether it is a business or a service industry, it needs a lot of space to display its product information in publicity, but it takes up a lot of space for billboards and slogans, and the touch screen display has good video and picture display functions, as long as the hard disk is large enough , rich information can be displayed on the touch screen, which can save a lot of advertising costs for each user.

The current application prospect of the touch query all-in-one pc is very broad. It is not only frequently used for business inquiries in the banking, electric power, taxation and other industries, but also plays a great role in government information inquiry, public information consultation, and multimedia teaching. Professionals expected that the all-in-one pc will enter the family in the near future and become an indispensable helper in home life. We look forward to the day when the expert's prediction will become a reality, so that the all-in-one pc will bring us more help.

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