How do we choose the industrial all in one pc?

How do we choose the industrial all in one pc?

The industrial all in one pc is the product of the highly developed . Under the circumstance that the state has introduced policies to encourage the development of the manufacturing industry, industrial derivatives are emerging one after another. The industrial pc is the product of this trend. Due to China's institutional factors, under the influence of national macro policies, industrial display and industrial all in one pc manufacturers emerge in an endless stream of industrial products, with different scales and uneven product quality, especially industrial pc, increased hardly. 

Industrial all in one pc why is it so difficult to select, the main reason is that the factors affecting the quality of the industrial all in one pc is not understood enough, so what kind of industrial pc all in one machine is high quality, in the purchase of industrial  all in one pc, how should we make a decision?

Appearance design

In the purchase of the industrial all in one pc, we directly see that its appearance design, the industrial all in one pc appearance of the material selection is different, which will directly affect the service life of the industrial all in one pc.


Industrial display is the most intuitive detection of a good industrial tablet pc, indoor environment brightness of 250 ~ 300 cd/m2 readable in sunlight,


Good CPU computing, image performance and low power consumption.CPU, is one of the main devices of industrial tablets, functions mainly to explain industrial tablet instructions as well as to process data in industrial tablet software.


It is also the factor that we should consider when choosing an industrial all in one machine.Motherboard, also known as host board, system board or master board. Mainboard is divided into commercial mainboard and industrial motherboard. So when choosing the motherboard, we must choose a high-integrated motherboard.There are some companies on the market that choose cheap motherboards, and the serial ports are made of extra cables.If the long-term loose use,  it will cause sections, resulting in the pc cannot operate normally. Severe cases can cause an industrial pc internal short circuit to burn out the entire pc. So when choosing industrial tablet panel, we should pay attention to the motherboard, which is also a lot of many friends often ignore.

Touch sensitivity and interfaces

The industrial all in one pc to ensure the sensitivity to achieve better operation, at the same time, HDMI, USB interface, VGA interface, etc., can be selected according to our actual needs.

Industrial all in one pc which is good?  Shenzhen Bvsion Technology Co., Ltd should be considered. Industrial all in one touch tablet, no fan, low power processor, 10.4 to 21.5 inches optional, special size can be professional customized, metal body material, excellent heat dissipation and rust prevention ability, meeting various applications of industrial automation.

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