broken touch screen

why is my touch screen not working?

why is my touch screen not working?

The touch screen panel pc is a computer that integrates the multiple functions like touch, speakers, motherboard, keyboards, microphone, etc. Because of such powerful functions, it has attracted much attention. Of course, the touch screen in the touch all-in-one pc is one of the very important components inside. So what should you do if the touch screen suddenly fails?

1. Check cable connections

If it is a USB interface, first unplug and plug the USB cable of the touch screen monitor to see if it is not in good condition. If the USB cable is also good, see if there is a problem with the USB interface of the host. At this time We can plug in the USB cable of the mouse or keyboard and have a try. If there is a problem with the USB interface or the USB data cable, just replace it; then check whether each wiring interface is loose, and then check whether there is a conflict between the serial port and the interrupt number. If there is a conflict, adjust the resources to avoid Conflict; then check whether the wires of the touch screen are connected correctly. One of the wires connected to the keyboard port of the host (take the 5V touch screen working voltage from the keyboard port) is connected. Please check the connection. If it is a detachable structure, please re-check that the components are well connected and the connecting wire is not damaged.

2. Check hardware

Enter the device manager of the LCD touch screen panel pc to see if you can find the touch screen hardware (you can plug and unplug the cable to observe whether there is a device in the device manager), and then check whether there are cracks on the surface of the touch screen. If there is a crack, you should promptly replace. If the above parts are normal, the touch screen can be checked by replacement method, first replace the control box, then replace the touch screen, and finally replace the host.

3. Calibrate the touch screen

The infrared touch screen calibration of the touch screen monitor, the calibration process of the infrared touch screen is generally: display a certain mark (such as "+") in several different positions on the screen in turn, click these marks with a touch pen or finger, and the infrared screen is on the display Four points will appear in sequence, click on the upper left, upper right, lower left, and lower right to complete the calibration.

4. Troubleshooting software

First make sure that the touch screen driver is correctly installed in the host computer. If it is confirmed that the above conditions are not the case, please delete the touch screen driver and restart the computer to reinstall the driver, and click to obtain the latest driver for each system.

If the above method does not work, you must consider that the touch software is running too much at the moment, which causes the touch screen all-in-one computer to have insufficient memory, and there is no response. Then the short-term solution is to boot and restart, but if you want to solve it in the long-term, you need to increase the memory bar.

Besides for the touch screen driver, the compatibility of your software may also cause this problem. You need to feedback this question to your engineer team or you ask the original factory for help.

5. Broken screen

If the touch screen has been used for a long period of time (3-4 years) and it is found that some areas of the touch screen cannot be touched, it may be that the touch screen is broken. Please replace the touch screen.

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