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What should be the characteristics of an industrial product?

What should be the characteristics of an industrial product?

Industrial design products play an irreplaceable role in life and have brought convenience to many enterprises. The following is a brief introduction to Wisdom Design.

Innovativeness: Opportunities for innovation always exist, and technological advances always provide new opportunities for innovative design. As long as innovation is in the forefront, you can run ahead of the game.

Product usefulness: the product must be useful and needs to meet certain criteria. These criteria include not only functionality, but also psychological and aesthetic criteria. A good product design should not deviate from anything in the product and emphasis the usefulness of the product.

Brings beauty: the beauty of the product and its usefulness, because you use the product every day. A beautiful design always brings a good feeling, and only something that is beautiful can be called beautiful.

Being able to explain the product: a good design clarifies the structure of the product. It is best to let the user visual what the product does. The best design is one that lets the product speak for itself.

Unobtrusive: a product that serves its purpose is like a tool, neither an ornament nor a work of art. The design should therefore be neutral and limited, giving the user reserved space for expression.

Loyal to the product: good design will not change the innovation, power and value of the product itself, nor will it make bad promises to the user.

Not outdated: good design will avoid looking so stylish that it will never go out of fashion. Even in today's society, it will be for many years.

Attention to every detail: there is nothing random about good design. Intention and accuracy in the design process shows respect for the consumer.

Environmental protection: Good design needs to make an important contribution to environmental protection and should be able to conserve resources and reduce physical and visual pollution over the product's life cycle.

Industrial product design is a trade based on extensive research data that addresses and contributes to product quality. It does not have the magic effect of a cure, but when properly understood and used, it can be an explosion of profit. Designers are the foundation and the tool, but it is actually the visionary companies that have the talent to change the future.

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