V Series Touch Android Tablet

V Series Touch Android Tablet

Although android industrial tablets often don't come with a traditional mouse and keyboard, they can actually make for a great and practical role to industrial fields or even commercial. An immediate selling point is their portability with ABS plastic case, as tablets are generally smaller, more lightweight, and easier to carry than laptop, notebooks, Chromebooks, especially the smaller 10.1 inch,15.6 inch and 21.5 inch models that we’ll look at here.

VR101 View at BVS

android tablet 10.1 inch


+Affordable on most budgets

+Very versatile

+Excellent services

This tablet is a very affordable range of tablets that are always worth considering buying into. While some people might prefer the larger or HD versions, here we’ll provide any tablet if you want to buy. Even better is that it’s reliable and will easily be able to cope with different application scenarios.

VR156 View at BVS

android tablet pc


+Fashionable design

+ 15.6 inch HD screen as standard

The VR156 is a fashionable version of the V series in our factory, and it's a great choice for industrial and commercial use. If you're sure an Android tablet will do what you need it to, BVS products are some of the very best on the market and you'd be hard pressed to go wrong with opting for the 15.6 inch android tablet.

VR215 View at BVS

Android tablets 2022


+Multi-color and reliable

+Relatively large screen

+Decent tech specs

Aside from its powerful processor and strong RAM that will handle most anything you can use it for, it also has an excellent camera and speakers facilities which could make it easily useful for digital display, advertising display as well as industrial automation, medical monitor and so on.

Additionally, a lot of table supplier now runs as all in one tablet as service, meaning you only need to a supplier to access the product resources. Other essential information for the suppliers will also probably be the same, such as news and product information subscription provided by the supplier. The result is that you don’t really need a industrial device with much of a hard drive because most work will be saved to an suppliers service in the information anyway. Make sure you check out our best product or applications buying guide as well.




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