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Touch all-in-one wall-mounted method

Touch all-in-one wall-mounted method

Touch all-in-one machine is currently the main wall-mounted, floor, mobile and desktop type of these four types. But we may not be very clear about the installation of this piece of knowledge, today I will share with you all-in-one machine installation practical steps. I hope that after reading it can be helpful to everyone!

Wall-mounted touch all-in-one machine installation: need to first wall-mounted bracket with screws fixed in the wall, to determine the bracket installation is stable, you can directly hang up the all-in-one machine, so even if the installation is complete.

Floor touch one machine installation: mainly divided into two installation parts, one is the touch screen part, one is the floor base part. Touch all-in-one machine has generally been debugged before the factory, the user only needs to touch all-in-one machine directly hanging to the floor base on it, simple and convenient, fast installation. The touch of a small waist electronic base, streamline shape such as a small waist, very high-end upscale, there are white, gold can also be customized.

Mobile touch all-in-one machine installation: process and floor touch all-in-one machine basically the same, installed on the floor bracket, the user can always move the bracket to the right place, convenient and quick.

Desktop touch all-in-one machine installation: very easy, installed in the desktop base bracket can be.

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