The installation methods and precautions of all in one pc

The installation methods and precautions of all in one pc

With the rapid development of modern information technology, electronic information technology products are widely used in our daily life. For example, all in one pc is now widely used in daily teaching activities, the company important demonstration and so on, has brought people convenient to enjoy high-tech technology to make people more efficiently study and life more pleasant. The following is a brief introduction to the installation method and precautions of the all in one pc.

There are three ways to install the touch screen:

Firstly, the touch screen all in one pc can be hung on the wall. It is convenient for teachers in the teaching process and the company staff in the daily company important activities can move around push and pull.

Secondly, all in one pc can install on the floor bracket, the user can move the bracket to the appropriate place at any time.

Thirdly, all in one pc can be embedded in the middle of the blackboard for installation, the use of electronic touch screen pc can slide the blackboard to both sides.If we do not use the electronic touch screen will move the blackboard to the middle and lock the touch screen, so that the touch screen pc will be protected.

That in the process of daily use, the installation of the touch screen all in one pc, which several matters needing attention because of the limitations on now in the production of touch screen technology and adaptability is poorer. So the all in one pc will drop and dust pollution caused by touch screen, it can't normally use, so the touch screen need and ordinary computers require regular maintenance. As the touch screen is an all-in-one pc with a high density of various electrical equipment, several problems need to be paid attention to in daily maintenance.

Precautions for touch screen all in one:

1. Before opening the touch screen every day, we should gently wipe it with a rag.

2. Glass cleaner should be used to clean the dirty fingerprints and dirt on the touch screen.

3. Water droplets dripping or dust pollution, also need to gently wipe off the water droplets.

4. Strictly follow the instructions to open the touch screen, do not directly turn off the power.

5. Due to the long time use all in one, it can lead to a hard disk to produce a large number of temporary files, if not in accordance with normal procedures often out of Windows and direct shutdown, leads to a hard disk errors, so need to periodically run scandisk and scanning disk errors, application program set the best shortcut is to power after exit the application.

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