Restaurant Ordering System Touch Screen Table

Restaurant Ordering System Touch Screen Table

Restaurant Ordering System Touch Screen Table

The ultimate goal of researching smart products is to serve the vast number of customers. Nowadays, restaurant ordering system touch screen dining tables have been applied. It is mainly designed based on the principle of touch-control all-in-one pc, which solves many business problems of current catering businesses and adds In order to be interactive and entertaining, you can order food, remind food, and pay at once.

It is understood that the smart dining table is a five-in-one scientific and artistic crystallization of capacitive touch, lcd display, operating system, cloud catering software, and furniture aesthetics. It has the characteristics of safe dining, creative ordering, smart payment, entertainment interaction, waterproof and scratch-proof, sturdy and durable. At the same time, the smart dining table, the customer's mobile phone, and the restaurant's cash register system have been fully connected, and the data is completely synchronized. Even if the customer is not in the restaurant, they can complete the reservation, order and payment. If you encounter the elderly or guests who are not convenient for online payment, you can also request the help of the waiter in the restaurant through the service bell function, which is very intelligent and humane.

Consumers can use the smart touch screen to choose the pizza you want, the size of the pizza, the amount of ketchup and cheese to the selection and matching of the top ingredients, and put it wherever you like, just move your finger, everything is It's up to you.

At the same time, even the payment method allows consumers to decide on the touch point table. As long as the mobile phone is placed on the touch table to sense, they can choose to pay by credit card or cash. After ordering a meal, don’t you think it’s boring to wait for the pizza to come out? The smart touch ordering table also allows you to play games and pass the time with your friends.

For restaurants, having such a smart touch screen ordering system table can greatly save labor costs and at the same time fill in the restaurant’s financial loopholes. For customers, this product increases the interaction between each other, kills the time waiting for food, and reduces the trouble of reminders and checkouts, which is very convenient.

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