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Five common failures of touch screen

Five common failures of touch screen

Touch screen all-in-one machine is integrated display and touch control as one display device, is widely used in commercial display and education and its retail service industry, municipalities, public places, financial institutions and other places. It has become a typical representative of human-computer interaction. However, the touch all-in-one machine is the lcd based display equipment, coupled with its touch function failure and breakage rate is relatively high compared to other advertising machines. The following is a touch screen all-in-one machine common failure solutions.

Touch screen is not allowed

A resistive touch screen all-in-one machine, touch the part of the monitor screen with your finger can not normally complete the corresponding operation.

This phenomenon may be a problem with the calibration of the resistive screen.

In the following cases can run the screen calibration program: (open the desktop touch screen software calibration program) after completing the installation of the driver software; every time after changing the resolution or display mode of the display; every time after changing the display area of the display; every time after adjusting the frequency of the controller; every time when the cursor and the touch point cannot correspond. After calibration, the calibrated data is stored in the controller's register, so there is no need to calibrate the screen again after each start of the system.

Touch screen does not respond

A touch screen all-in-one machine can not work, touch any part of the non-responsive.

Firstly we should check  the wiring interface whether is loose, then check the serial port and interrupt number conflict. If there is a conflict, the resources should be adjusted to avoid conflict. Then we should check the touch screen surface cracks, if there are cracks should be replaced in a timely manner. If the above parts are normal, the replacement method can be used to check the touch screen, we can first replace the control box, then replace the touch screen, the above can not be solved after replacing the host.

According to the above failures, they can be overhauled as follows.

We can check whether the touch screen is connected to the right, one of the host keyboard port connection ( from the keyboard port to take 5 volts touch screen working voltage ) there is no connection, please check the connection; if confirmed not above please, please remove the touch screen driver and restart the computer to reinstall the driver; if the touch screen in use for a longer period of time (3-4 years) found that some areas of the touch screen can not touch, it may be the touch screen bad, please replace the touch screen.

Touch screen response time is very long

A touch screen all-in-one machine, touch the monitor screen with your finger, it takes a long time to respond.

This may be a virus or system confusion caused by the host.

(1) first check whether the host has a virus, if there is, first kill the virus.

(2) system problems, test whether you can adjust, if not, reload the system.

Touch screen local unresponsive

A touch screen all-in-one machine, after touching the monitor screen with your finger, the local area is not responsive. It is possible that the touch screen is partially scratched off by hard objects, will not be able to repair.

Touch screen normal but the computer can not operate.

A touch screen all-in-one machine, the test itself all normal, but connected to the host, the computer can not operate. This may be in the host start loading touch screen driver before the touch screen control card receives the operating signal, as long as the power is disconnected again, and then start the computer can be operated.

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