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Common faults of self-checkout machines

Common faults of self-checkout machines

We all know that the catering industry and supermarkets are now using more and more self-checkout machines, but in the process of using the cash register, businesses may encounter a variety of unexpected situations. Today BVS have compiled a number of self-checkout machine common failures and solutions, so that when the self-checkout machine fails, the problem can be repaired in a timely manner when we found.

Cashier touch screen malfunction

We can let the cash register restart once. If the problem is not solved after restarting, if the mouse control is supported, available mouse emergency, we can wait until the end of the store operation, and technical staff to communicate and then to solve the problem. We can check whether the touch driver of the self-checkout machine is functioning normally, the touch driver is not mistakenly deleted caused by the inability to operate, then the problem should contact the self-checkout machine manufacturer to reinstall a touch driver. If the touch screen driver works normally, it is the touch screen of the self-checkout machine hardware problems, then for this problem, timely removal and replacement of self-checkout machine touch screen, transport or contact sent back to the self-checkout machine manufacturer for repair or removal and replacement.

The cash register can not be turned on

We can check the cash register power interface whether is plugged in, and observe whether the power fan has wind, no wind, and then consider replacing the power cord of the cash register. If the cash register constantly restart, then consider whether the cash register poor contact or short-circuit caused by the first use of multi meter to confirm whether the power used 220V, and observe whether the store has a freezer, air conditioning and other high-power appliances parallel use, it is recommended that the store use voltage regulator to ensure voltage stability.

Cashier display failure

After the cash register is turned on the display does not respond, you can check whether the cash register power cord and the connection cable connecting the display is plugged in. The current trend of cash registers are all-in-one cash register, that is, the main board of the cash register and the display is one, eliminating the need to connect the cash register host and display connection steps and space.

Network speed is slow 

In the process of application, if it often appear to run at a normal speed, but the software data loading sluggish, may be the speed of the network suffered the impact and part of the data to be loaded through the network. If the network speed is not good, the loading speed will be affected. This time it is necessary to check whether the network of the application site is normal, the network card is slow, which will lead to the self-service cash registers need to network some related applications problems.

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