Are mini PC worth it?

Are mini PC worth it?

If you want a desktop PC rather than a laptop for working or learning at home, if you don’t plan to play high-end games, and if you want to choose your own monitors and other accessories, consider a mini PC rather than a full-size desktop computer or an inflexible all-in-one. Mini PCs are fast enough for anything other than high-end gaming, and unlike some laptops, they include all the ports you need to connect multiple monitors and your favorite keyboard and mouse.

Normally, we’d recommend BVS’s TN6A J3355/J3455 , and if you can get it for $186 or less, we still think it’s the best one you can buy. But the ongoing silicon chip shortage has created months-long shipping delays and many other mini PCs. For as long as this situation lasts, the best mini PC is the one you can actually buy right now, so check our list of other good mini PCs if you need something now and can’t afford to wait.

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