15.6 inch touch display

15.6 Inch Touch Display

15.6 Inch Touch Display

ZR156 needs to make sure its impressive, not least because it has some steep competition from VR156. Ahead of an official unveiling for the tablet, we've listed all the information provided by Z series above. There's a list for the tablet, which explores what we want to see based on its predecessors and trends in the tablet market.

Product parameters

  1. Model number:ZR156
  2. Color: Black/White
  3. Motherboard: A64(1.6GHZ)/RK3188(1.6GHZ)/RK3288(1.8GHZ) /RK3399(2.0GHZ)
  4. Memory: 1GB/2GB/4GB; SSD:8GB/16GB/ 32GB/64GB
  5. Operating system: Android5.1/6.0/7.1/8.1/9.0 (Root access granted)
  6. Screen:15.6 inch capacitive touch screen, resolution 1920*1080, 250cd/m2 (customization),  IPS screen.
  7. Support: WiFi, 4G module, Bluetooth, front touch switch, standard Vesa hole


Our products involve industrial all in one tablet, POS system, touch monitor and LCD display, etc., in transportation, finance, medical, military and other fields to achieve the expansion of applications. They are ideal for industrial automation, medical monitor, face recognition, robot display, POS system, advertising display, self-service terminal, home automation, hotel check-in self service, inquiry machine, queue machine, etc.

The Interface Design

Due to the touch tablet is used in the occasion of special, so the design of the interface is usually customized according to the use of occasions to do, or stack a large number of standard interfaces to adapt to a variety of equipment interfaces. In addition, in order to adapt to the application, the interface comes with USB, RJ45, DC power, Headset, SD card, HDMI, mini USB etc. For the DC power adapter, we can support standard, or European, British, American, Australian optional for different countries.

Product customization

We supply 10" to 32" smart touch display hardware solution for more than 14 years, building a team of BVS with the knowledge, passion, and skills to make that happen. In the last fourteen years, our quality have obtained CE, FCC, ROHS standard, and well-trained engineers offered you any technical support. And our products are brand new and support custom service. For example, we can customize Logo, appearance, dimensions, upgrade function, configuration and screen. In addition, we can support customize dual camera for face recognition. Most importantly, we can built-in Poe power supply in Ethernet not only transmits data signal for IP terminal, but also provides DC power supply for the device. A single wire provides power as well as data. Also, this product deal with NFC card that is convenient for transportation and face recognition.

To sum up, for portability and versatility, there's nothing that compares to the good business tablets on the market. The very best of the bunch cater to one of the most important needs of any business user: productivity. Android tablets have a huge collection of apps that can help with business or industrial work, and there are also tablets in this best business tablets list that run android 11, which makes them even more powerful and versatile. 

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