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Why do you need a custom industrial panel PC?

Why do you need a custom industrial panel PC?

As an industrial big data touch centre, industrial tablet PCs play an irreplaceable role in transformation and are becoming more and more common in industry. Obviously, ordinary standard configuration computers can no longer meet the needs of digital transformation of some enterprises.

Therefore, the customization of industrial panel PCs has become a necessary attribute of the product, so what are the special features of customization? Let's find out.

The customization of industrial panel PCs is based on the evaluation of the computer in the application scenario and the user's needs for I/O data exchange interface, such as CPU, custom design of memory, hard disk, graphics card, sound card, casing, size, protection, dust proof, waterproof, display effect and module integration.

Industrial tablet PCs are different from ordinary commercial computers. Due to the variety of environments, installation methods and external devices used in industrial scenarios, a customized triple-proof industrial tablet PC needs to meet the variability of functions to meet the user's needs.

For example, in terms of interfaces, the user's external machines are not fixed and data exchange should be fully integrated with the performance of the industrial panel PC. If the interface is simple and fixed, it often does not meet the customer's usage scenario. This requires setting up general interfaces, not just general interfaces USB, DC, HDIM, VGA, setting up ports such as Ethernet and headphones, which can meet general industrial needs and custom interfaces such as connecting external devices such as printers.

At the same time, custom industrial panel PC needs stable performance. In the use scenario, different protection and requirements can be designed according to the customer's different use. For example, in terms of dust and water resistance, custom industrial computers can achieve IP65 protection according to the harsh use environment of dusty, watery and oily industrial use environments to ensure operational stability.

In general, regarding customized industrial panel PCs, it is to meet the special needs of customers in order to play a big role in Industry 4.0.

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