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What does all-in-one pc helps for enterprise?

What does all-in-one pc helps for enterprise?

For enterprises, the most important thing is how to show the best side to customers. Today, the technology of touch media devices has greatly impacted the traditional flat-panel display mode. The touch all-in-one pc can customize solutions for the unique needs of each industry, whether it is video and picture display or interactive functions. Designed for high-end atmospheres and customers who seek high quality, touch all-in-ones offer unmatched performance, durability and value in our wide range of products. Flexibility, availability and reliability make this aircraft the benchmark for professional digital displays and systems.
The importance of touch all-in-one in enterprise applications is self-evident. The all-in-one display solution has industry-leading functions and performance to enhance the visual experience. From digital signage to corporate solutions to control room setups, all-in-one digital displays have done the job.
It's useful for everything from small form factor touchscreen displays in buildings to huge outdoor video wall touch screen. Now every application of touch screen products brings the best solution to the enterprise. The most common ones are video processing, media player solutions, and display solutions provided by customers for some specific customized needs, which play an important role in promoting the offline business of enterprises.

What does it plays roles?

  1. Rapid dissemination of content in a short period of time;
  2. Propaganda to enterprises to save time and material costs, which is more cost-effective than traditional;
  3. Greatly improve user conversion rate. The most important thing in advertising is to promote the brand image and promote sales;
  4. For advertising, performance is becoming more and more important. How do Volkswagen advertisements stand out from the crowd and use the touch all-in-one pc to give users a better experience?

Touch All-in-One Industry Trends

We talked about a lot of trends before, especially for enterprise companies. Now post-90s companies will be equipped with a touch screen all-in-one computer, because they understand the current customer experience better, this is the best investment opportunity in touch technology in the past 30 years. The trend in the service industry is very high. At present, they have achieved a leading position in the field of LED display and have a deep understanding of the importance of customer applications, service and reliability, which are recognized by the public.

Commitment to Customer Service

Planar's commitment to customer satisfaction is demonstrated through exceptional product and service before, during and after installation. Best-in-class warranty and service provide customers with added peace of mind and allow them to return to flat for all display needs.

Tailored Solutions

Our company's all-in-one touch pc offer configurable, modular and versatile products to meet unique needs and build walls of any size with a color that matches the color of the wall or brand. The open frame monitor is embedded in a custom fixture housing and can be perfectly installed using installation, machining or professional services. The flexibility of the touch all-in-one pc can meet the project needs of various enterprises and provide the best solution. Why is it more and more difficult for enterprises to do, and some companies are getting better and better, just because people know more about publicity and understand the experience needs of customers. The importance of touch all-in-one pc to enterprises is only one of them.

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