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The Performance of the Web Hosting

The Performance of the Web Hosting

The actual price of the web hosting is not a good idea. The price of web hosting is relatively cheap in many types of servers, but there are still many low-cost web hosts or "free web hosts" on the market for more than ten years. But these low-cost web hosts are very cheap, the basic configuration is low and the performance is not ideal. Usually the low cost web hosting rental are a lot of problems, mainly in the following aspects.

The stability is not guaranteed 

There are some hosts that may offer low cost web hosting, but the number of sites within the host is a lot, overselling the phenomenon is serious, stability can not be guaranteed. You should know that the stability of the virtual host for the site is very big, if the site often lag, or even open, then will certainly lose a lot of users, so low-cost virtual host is not conducive to the long-term operation of the site.

Resources do not meet the needs of the site

Usually, the basic configuration of low-cost web hosting is very low, and the scope of application is very small. It may be enough to build a personal website with less traffic, but it is not enough to do forum websites, corporate websites and so on. In addition, if one of the websites under the web host has very high traffic, the performance of your website may be affected and the chances of the website dropping or performing poorly will be higher.

No guarantee of security 

Most of the low-cost web hosting that offers a dozen dollars a year are personal agents, such hosting agents are not providing after-sales service, if the web hosting problems completely unable to find someone to solve; in addition, there are some small web hosting service providers will provide low-cost web hosting, but in the management and technical aspects of the strength of the weak, it is easy to cause the customer's site was hacked by the attack was hung horse, resulting in the site The actual fact is that you can't get a good deal on your own.

In summary, low-cost web hosting is difficult to ensure in terms of performance, security, stability and so on, it is recommended to choose the normal price of web hosting. The actual fact is that you'll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these. The web host should not just pursue a low price, the price to moderate appropriate, in the same configuration environment, or to see the cost performance.

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