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The customization of an industrial panel PC

The customization of an industrial panel PC

Industrial tablet PCs make a huge contribution to standardization and efficient manufacturing. They not only increase productivity and ensure product quality, but also control costs and reduce additional manpower. In addition, industrial tablet PCs can be customized to meet the different needs of different fields by considering various special cases. So, what needs to be considered for customized industrial panel PCs have you understood? Today BVS have compiled a few points for you to take a look at.

Modular design customization

Different industrial scenarios must have different industrial tablet PC features. Many industrial tablet PCs are produced according to popular standardization, which can hardly be done to fully meet the requirements of the company. Therefore, to better consider the user experience.

Many companies have just started to release customized control module service programs to perfectly meet the customer's site requirements.

Bespoke appearance requirements

This appearance is divided into two aspects. One aspect is the product's appearance in terms of specifications, dimensions and colour matching techniques, as well as the installation methods for the product's application scenarios. On the other hand, it is the basic structure of the product, the press tooling and the development of the structure.

Basic requirements customization

In order to take into account the needs of the industry for on-site manufacturing, the customer can be shown the need for system update customization, socket customization and switch gear power inserts. In addition, customization needs for customer packaging products can also be shown.

Do you understand clearly the needs that need to be considered for customized industrial panel PCs? Thank you for watching and welcome to enquire.

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