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How to select LED display?

How to select LED display?

LED display from the 1980s to the present development, not only technology has been leaps and bounds, market demand is also growing, but how to select the LED display is the most appropriate? Master these few keys, not only can help you select the desired LED display, more money!


When buying LED display must be confirmed in advance is installed in the outdoor or indoor, in general, the outdoor brightness requirements are higher, need to be more than 5000cd / m2, indoor only 1800cd / m2 can be. Figure this out, you will not foolishly buy the wrong, resulting in a waste of money.


Grayscale is related to brightness, refers to the brightness of the degree of light and darkness, also known as the color scale or gray scale, often determines the degree of color vividness. In general, the higher the gray level, the richer the color, the more vivid the effect presented.


In touch with the LED display, there is no bump, which is called "flatness" in the industry, although many people are easy to ignore this point when buying, but the flatness of the LED display is a good screen.

In general, the smaller the flatness, the screen display is more smooth, the more uniform color, the better the viewing effect, and vice versa, the screen is easy to distort, poor viewing effect.

Refreshing frequency

Refresh frequency refers to the number of times the screen is refreshed per second, in general, the higher the refresh frequency, the more stable and smooth the screen display, and low refresh frequency will not only have unsightly water ripples, but also affect the eyes, making people feel discomfort.

So we should try to choose a refresh rate higher than 1000Hz in the selection of LED display. If the refresh frequency is higher than 3000Hz, display machine can be called a high performance LED display, the screen effect is better.

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