How to clean a tablet screen

How to clean a tablet screen

How to clean a tablet screen

We are all obsessed with tablets, but we know a little bit about how to clean them, so today, let me tell you how you should clean the screen of your tablet.

The screen used in a tablet is a touch screen, allowing the user to control it with a stylus or digital pen, the same screen used in most smartphones today.

Routine cleaning and maintenance of touchscreens is simpler than that of the LCD screens used in most laptops (with the exception of internal screen cleaning) and is classified as follows.

For routine maintenance of touchscreens: dust can be removed by wiping with a clean, dry, soft cloth.

For the wiping of water stains on the touch screen: a dry cloth or paper towel can be used to wipe away.

For the erasure of oil stains or stubborn traces on the touch screen: alcohol cotton balls can be pressed on the screen and scrubbed once, then wiped with a dry cloth or paper towel, depending on the results after wiping, consider whether to repeat the above steps.

For cleaning the inner screen: open the cover on both sides of the machine and locate and loosen the mechanism holding the latch on the front of the head unit. Lift the front of the head to reveal the touchscreen control card, unplug the touchscreen cable and back the head to remove the head and touchscreen. After carefully looking at the method of securing the touch screen, remove the touch screen for cleaning (do not use hard paper or a hard cloth and do not scratch the reflective stripes). Finally, restore the headstock in reverse order and in its original construction.


  1. The inner screen cleaning is easy to scratch the screen, it is recommended that non-essential do not clean, or go to the mobile phone repair office, after-sales service point cleaning.
  2. LCD screen cleaning requirements are high, it is best to buy special cleaning solution cleaning.
Well, the above is about how you should clean the screen of the tablet PC, did you learn it?

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