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Development Trend of digital signage in 2022

Development Trend of digital signage in 2022

With the continuous development of digital signs, people can get information when shopping, traveling, or queuing entertainment, interaction, and fascinating content can be seen everywhere. Numerous possible applications have been accompanied by the development of the past ten years. The success of digital signs began with technical progress and marketing experts, who realized the benefits of poster advertising.

As digital signs become more and more dynamic, the relevant markets become more and more active, which makes it more important to know the latest situation of digital signs in time. The following are the most important trends of digital signs in 2022.

Artificial intelligence

In many industries, everyone is talking about artificial intelligence. But what can it do in the field of digital signage? Data analysis is becoming more specific, accurate, and easy to use. The advantage of enterprises is that computers use data streams to specifically control the display according to the input information. The result is: better-integrated marketing activities have freed those employees who had to collect this information.


The continuous development of technology not only reflects that products can be produced separately according to customer requirements, but also reflects personalized customer experience. Personalization is the most effective way to create meaningful and related consumer interactions by using technologies such as recognition software and machine vision. Through the integration of technology to ensure better connection, intelligence and response capabilities, the degree of personalization of digital signs is improved. What drives all this is artificial intelligence, which can learn and communicate with people in a unique way. More accurate data processing means a better understanding of users. For example, the self order kiosk can greet customers and prepare useful information and corresponding discounts.


Various technologies play a decisive role in the development of digital signs. Touch screens, face recognition software, and NFC is used to increase customer participation and improve user experience. Interactive applications, such as browsing product catalogs and menus, requesting information, or placing orders, can now be implemented without any difficulty. Touch screens are especially important for interactive applications because most people use smartphones or tablets in daily life. The familiar feeling increases the attraction of the content, especially for those who know more about technology. Not only hands are used in interactive applications, but also ears and mouths. Voice control has been used in smartphones and voice assistants for many years and has been applied more and more in the field of digital signage.

Display size

Due to the continuous development of displays and the reduction of related costs, larger and larger screens are entering the market. This trend is moving towards a screen with a screen size of at least 80 inches (up to the video wall). However, screen size reduction is also becoming a trend, and this trend will increase exponentially in the next few years. A famous example is a small display screen attached to the urinal as a supplement to the advertising space. POE (such as POE tablet pc) technology must be mentioned for smaller screens. POE is a process of supplying power to network-compatible devices through network cables. This eliminates the complexity of the previous power supply, and it is difficult to access or interfere with power cables and sockets of power supply units. This technology is seen as a turning point in the application of digital signs because the installation of small displays is greatly simplified.

Nowadays, compared with traditional advertisements, digital signs are more reliable and easy to access. It is a relatively new technology that is developing rapidly. Emerging technologies and more and more interactive display and viewing systems make digital signs more and more effective. Operators of such devices hope to have more effective communication with target groups in various scenarios (medical treatment, retail, production, education, etc.). With the emergence of new trends, the digital signage industry is expected to continue to grow. All the above development trends should be deepened because no one is willing to fall behind in the competition.

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