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An industrial panel PC meets the market

An industrial panel PC meets the market

Compared with traditional industrial control machines, industrial panel PCs are able to adapt to more complex and harsher field environments.

They are now widely used in industrial automation, rail transportation, medical equipment, vehicle-mounted equipment, electric power, finance and environmental protection. As the field of application continues to expand, how should the industrial panel PC meet the new market demand?

This requires industrial panel PC manufacturers to continuously innovate and upgrade, maintain technology, establish industry standards and form a competitive advantage. At the same time, industrial panel PCs should not only be cost-effective, but also have good compatibility.

The industrial panel PC panel is made of brushed aluminium alloy. Compared to the traditional sheet metal bodies on the market, industrial panel PCs have excellent properties such as thinness, good heat dissipation (aluminium has the best heat dissipation performance of all metals), corrosion resistance and no rusting.

Aluminium is also four times more expensive than sheet metal. The aluminium alloy panel of the industrial panel PC is brushed to effectively prevent the screen from being scratched when the machine is in use; the industrial panel PC has excellent immunity to electromagnetic interference, which comprehensively solves the problem of electromagnetic interference in the industrial environment. Compliance with the required ENC anti-electromagnetic interference standard.

Therefore, industrial flat panel PC manufacturers and customers to jointly develop and more customized, will also become the trend of industrial flat panel PC products and services.

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