supermarket pos all-in-one pc display

Touch POS All-in-one PC in Supermarket

Touch POS All-in-one PC in Supermarket

With the development of society, the expansion of business scale and the richness of product varieties, the traditional manual settlement method has become increasingly unsatisfactory to the needs of modern business, and is gradually being replaced by cash registers that integrate computer and information processing skills.

In the meantime, POS machines have been widely used in commercial sales terminal settlement, and they have become a necessary equipment for retail shops such as supermarkets. This article introduces the use and characteristics of touch pos all-in-one pc in supermarkets.

Touch pos all-in-one is undoubtedly an excellent use of computer skills in business. Nowadays, in most supermarkets, cashiers use touch pos all-in-one PC at the exit for settlement and collection. POS (Point Of Sale), meaning "point of sale terminal", is a device and system for point of sale terminal settlement, which can quickly settle settlements, help service staff reduce mistakes and improve work efficiency, and it can also complete the payment of funds Transfer money.

The supermarket touch pos all-in-one machine is usually composed of CPU, memory, keyboard, printer, display, cash drawer, barcode reader, magnetic card reader and input/output module.

Product information can be carried in a barcode or code. POS machines in supermarkets usually use a barcode reader to scan the barcode (scan code) or use the keyboard to enter the code, and the information is quickly recognized by the machine and converted into an electrical signal.

The use of POS systems requires that the product information (such as product name, unit price, time and supplier, etc.) is pre-created in the computer memory (referred to as "information pre-built", the same below), and the information of the product purchased by the customer is entered at the time of settlement. Information (such as product name, sales quantity, time of sale, and selling shop, etc.) information (referred to as "information input", the same below), through computer CPU query and data processing, immediately generates and displays various data required by the clearing house, and at the same time , The detailed materials for each product sale will also be actively recorded to generate various sales statistical analysis information, which can be output to serve as a basis for operation and management.

The information acquisition of POS includes two processes of "information pre-building" and "information input". Because the "information pre-built" is usually completed first, only the "information input" is required to complete the information input required by the POS.

Supermarket POS machines use barcode readers to scan codes to read information. Its characteristic is that the information is transmitted quickly. Even if the "information input" is carried out during the settlement, it will not affect the speed of settlement, so it is very concise and fast, providing both services Bring a big lunch.

Another feature of the shopping mall touch pos all-in-one pc is the ability to print receipts, often called shopping receipts or receipts, with clear handwriting, full content and standard.

Shopping receipts are sales credentials kept by commercial institutions such as supermarkets and shopping malls for customers. The shopping receipts usually contain the name of the selling unit, contact information, cash register number, bill serial number, cashier number, sale date, product name, and quantity. , Unit price, product amount, calculated amount, payment method, actual amount received, change amount, bill printing time and other information content.

Shopping receipts are provided to customers, so that customers can clearly understand the details of the expenses, so that they can be checked, and the customers need to keep them properly after shopping for the needs of rights protection.

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