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The place where touch inquiry kiosk are commonly used

The place where touch inquiry kiosk are commonly used

Touch and query kiosks now occupies many places. Here are some of the most popular places for touch screen query kiosks:
1. Hotels: They are the first to seize the opportunity. First, there are more people in hotels, and most of them are business people. The advertising effect is great; second, the hotel touch query integrated machine is not only used by itself, but also Foreign advertising investment, earn a lot of advertising costs.
2. Digital school: Nowadays, touch screen all-in-one panel pc have begun to take off in digital schools. Touch screen inquiry kiosk will spread throughout the schools, and then replace blackboards and bulletin boards to complete high-quality and efficient information schools.
3. Airports, stations and docks: In these information-based places, the touch inquiry kiosk has provided the airport passengers with the necessary consultations, and the vehicles, travel information and service information of the stations and docks are also convenient for a wide range of passengers.
4. Factory: Commodity service needs to touch the inquiry kiosk, the factory produces the commodity, and the company provides service. Whether it is a product or a service, it needs to be advertised to customers or consumers. In many advertising plans, LCD advertising has many advantages such as strong pertinence, high arrival rate, mandatory viewing, high coverage, low carbon and environmental protection, and long service life.
5. Civilized entertainment: Most entertainment venues have now attracted LCD advertising players. Karaoke and other civilized entertainment venues have also begun to introduce LCD touch query all-in-one machines to learn about the experience and communication of social media, convey the brand in time, and promote services.
6. 4S shops: The 4S shop advertising machine is comparable to the beauty of the car. Now more and more car 4S shops introduce touch screen inquiry integrated machines to promote the outstanding performance and beautiful appearance of their cars, attracting the attention of consumers Foresight, its advertising role is comparable to the beauty of Xiangche.
7. Hospital: After the hospital is equipped with an LCD touch advertising machine terminal, it can save the patient registration time and watch the medical and health knowledge broadcasted by the LCD touch advertising machine. The intelligent touch machine can also query the distribution map of hospital departments and the introduction of famous doctors, which is convenient for patients to seek medical treatment and select services.
In addition to the above categories, there are originally many categories that have a great need for touch screen inquiry machines. Nowadays, in the era of "Internet +", more traditional occupations are undergoing transformation or diversification. This transformation may Companies in developing careers may be able to use touch query machines, network advertising machines, etc.

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