Forging Brilliance Together: Insights from the "Success Formula" Program

Forging Brilliance Together: Insights from the "Success Formula" Program

Forging Brilliance Together: Insights from the "Success Formula" Program

In the enriching two-day "Success Formula" workshop, every participant experienced significant personal and professional growth.  To further share and reflect on these insights, Monday evening saw us coming together in an open and candid discussion.


Lin: With a philosophy of "Virtue begets love," Jiahe warmly assisted new colleague Xiaowei in integrating into the team.  He emphasized that doing well at work is not just about completing tasks but doing so with genuine dedication, a principle he consistently upholds.


Guo: Embracing the notion of "Persist in one thing, don't give up halfway," he drew inspiration from Miao Bo's example, realizing that an unclear goal leads to a challenging journey.  This unwavering attitude serves as his spiritual backbone in the workplace.


Crystal: Focusing on elevating thinking patterns and executing set goals, she encouraged everyone to be practical and maintain enthusiasm, believing that such efforts will yield fruitful rewards.


Zhu: Stressing "Don't belittle acts of kindness," he advocated for leading by example, and doing good deeds, essential for personal growth and team development.


Lu: Advocating "Whoever entrusts, brings happiness," he emphasized wholehearted dedication to work and life.  Reflecting on the initial unfamiliarity with colleagues and the subsequent shared philosophy, he felt the warmth within the team.


Peter: Sharing insights on "Whether one acts out of a sense of duty,"  highlighted the importance of staying true to one's initial intentions.  He recounted lonely moments at work, always maintaining his original aspirations, remembering the mentorship of the boss.


Sherry: Following the example of Wu Mengchao in steadfastly holding one's position to guide newcomers, she is dedicated to contributing to the training of new employees. Expressing gratitude for the company's sincere promotion, she reflected on and cherished this sense of gratitude.


Fu: After his second participation in the "Success Formula," he felt significant improvement in his mentality.  Clarifying the purpose of life—raising one's mentality and tempering the soul—he urged everyone to contribute collectively and contribute to the company's development.


Fang: Deeply moved by the case of Academician Wu Mengchao saving Tiantian without seeking fame or wealth, she stressed the need for kind-hearted, united, and hardworking individuals in a company.  She believed in the importance of a positive magnetic field and being with people who share common goals.


Lily: As a coach, Lily expressed joy in witnessing everyone's growth and thanked participants for providing her with an opportunity for personal development.  She emphasized the reciprocity of love and unity as the key to collective success.


Ken: proposed the idea of "looking at problems from a long-term perspective and keeping an open mind." He encouraged colleagues to engage in more communication, emphasizing the importance of maintaining the original intention and allowing room for mistakes. He believes that continuous learning and genuine treatment of others can bring about more happiness.


Gina: Through "Generosity in appearance, generosity in speech," she encouraged preparedness and comprehensive thinking when facing challenges. She urged everyone to provide more choices, make courageous decisions, and take responsibility for the consequences, fostering mutual progress.


The "Success Formula" workshop not only prompted deep reflections on work and life but also solidified a common goal among participants.  It is anticipated that everyone will continue to uphold their initial aspirations, progressing together and creating even more value in their future endeavors.

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