Human-computer Interaction

What Is Human-computer Interaction?

What Is Human-computer Interaction?

What is human-computer interaction

Human-computer interaction (Abbreviation: HCI, or human-machine interaction, abbreviation: HMI), is a study of the interactive relationship between a system and a user. Researchers in the HCI field observe the way humans interact with computers and devise technologies that enable humans to interact with computers in novel ways. The system can be a variety of machines or computerized systems and software. The human-computer interaction interface usually refers to the part that is visible to the user. The user communicates with the system through the human-computer interaction interface and performs operations. It's as small as the play button of a radio, it can be as large as the dashboard on an airplane or the control room of a power plant.

The goal of human-computer interaction

Human-computer interaction studies the way humans use or not use computing artifacts, systems, and infrastructure. Many studies in this field have tried to improve human-computer interaction by increasing the usability of computer interfaces. How to accurately understand usability, how it relates to other social and cultural values, when it can, and when usability may not be an ideal attribute of computer interfaces, these debates are increasing.

The goal of HCI is to produce usable and safe systems, as well as functional systems. In order to produce a computer system with good usability, researchers must try and understand:

1) Understand the factors that determine how people use technology
2) Understand the factors that determine how people use technology
3) Develop tools and techniques to enable building suitable systems
4) Achieve efficient, effective, and safe interaction
5) Put people first

Under the whole theme of human-computer interaction is the belief that people who use computer systems should be ranked first. Their needs, abilities, and preferences for performing various tasks should guide the way developers design systems. People should not change the way they use the system in order to adapt to the system. On the contrary, the design of the system should meet the needs of people, that is, User-Centered Interaction Design.

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