The practicality of advertising player

The practicality of advertising player

The practicality of advertising player

At present, in the information age of rapid dissemination of digital information, touch smart advertising player are widely popular for their accurate and colorful publicity effects. As the name suggests, a touch smart advertising machine is a smart display device that can touch and interact with each other. BVS has also launched some sizes and products commonly used in advertising display. With the continuous expansion of the application range, the market charm continues to appreciate.

What are the practical functions of the touch smart advertising player?

1. Screen touch interaction With the development trend of today's society, the application of touch screen in life is more and more extensive, so this kind of advertising machine also absorbs this design concept. People coming and going can learn the details about the advertisement with a simple touch, and touching the screen will arouse people's interest. Therefore, through the typesetting of advertisements, the content can be divided into several aspects, which invisibly enriches the content of the advertisement and makes it more organized.

2. Remote control management Intelligent touch screen advertising machines are generally placed in public places with large traffic, and do not require special supervision by staff, which means that there is no special person to control the advertising machine. Therefore, some advertising machines use remote control, allowing staff to control the machine from a distance. Whether it is the switching of the advertisement form or the change of the advertisement content, the purpose can be achieved through remote operation.

3. Intelligent timing switch The touch intelligent advertising machine adopts the form of electronic data, and the advertisements placed are displayed electronically on the advertising machine. But this advertising opportunity consumes power, and if it is left on all day, it will consume power and cause problems for the machine. Therefore, the touch smart advertising machine has a time switch function for each factory-made device, and multiple time periods can be set according to experience for timing. It can not only play the role of advertising, but also make the machine have a rest state and prolong the service life.

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